The Landscape of the Yeoju

Searching for a place worth visiting in Yeoju, I found a complex rest area called “Drawing the Forest.” When I came here in person, I thought of Geumsan’s “Sky Water Garden.” You could meet a variety of cultural spaces, including traditional charcoal kiln jjimjilbang, samgyeopsal restaurant muddling, vegetarian buffet chadam, Italian traditional hwadeok pizza luxury coffee cafe The wheat, naturally fermented bread shop Mr. Wholemeal, herbal product shops, herbal foot bath cafes, live square cafes, cypress healing forests, and photo zones, where only more swimming pools were available.
“Drawing the Forest” is a healing theme park complex rest area located close to Seoul with food, sights, and healing streets. Healing trail to feel phytoncide in nature, lotus lake to see beautiful lotus flowers, true charcoal healing sauna to feel the charcoal fire, outdoor swimming pool to make fun memories with children, cafe Forest, famous for its beautiful carp shaved ice, and fusion Italian restaurants.

It was relatively quiet and quiet, even though it was Saturday, as well as the number one place to visit in Yeoju. I had a great time ordering delicious bread and coffee at a fancy cafe, taking a walk with children while taking beautiful scenery on a Roman outdoor terrace, feeding carp living in a lotus pond, and picking up chestnuts from the mountain.
Those who want to leave the crowded city and feel nature, get out of their tiring, hard life with the coronavirus and enjoy the healing here in Yeoju ‘Draw the Forest’. My family gained weight from the chestnut they picked up yesterday, and it tastes good.


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