A trip to Gyeonggi-do Province

the reeds of Namyangju’s Mind Garden

Do you happen to know the difference between reeds and silver grass? I didn’t know much about the difference between reeds and silver grass, but reeds grow by the river, and they grow in the mountains. Last week, I went to ‘Heart Garden’ located on the riverside of Joan-myeon, Namyangju-si, famous for its reed beds. It’s attached to Namyangju’s water garden.
Along the Bukhangang River bike path along the Han River, the water garden and the heart garden are beautifully spread out like a garden. Last fall, the poppy flowers in Namyangju’s water garden were so beautiful, but this winter, the reed fields in the heart garden shake beautifully in the strong wind.
When my body and mind were getting tired of the coronavirus, I came out with my children from Misa-RI in Hanam in the late afternoon to get some air in Namyangju’s mind garden. There are many good places in Joan-myeon, Namyangju, because there is the Han River, but the heart garden was tranquil as it was winter and it was time. There were few people in the heart garden and the surrounding soft tofu houses.
Still, it’s nice to ride a bike, take a walk, and look at the sunset with the kids for a while. Above all, the Han River’s scenery walking along the reed beds, looking at the tilting sun, was not only a picture but also a calm heart like the name of the garden of the heart.
Aren’t you cold? Let’s go home now.

Incheon Butterfly Park

I went to Bupyeong because of Renault Samsung New Master’s 15-seater bus As. While I was there, I visited the nearby ‘Incheon Butterfly Park.’ This is a natural park with the theme of butterflies, where you can experience the process of butterflies turning into pupae and adult insects. For a moment, the New Master As process also seemed to be a process in which butterflies change.
It has been more than six months since I drove the 15-seat Renault Samsung New Master bus. How was the bus? When you ask something in the West, you say, “Good news or bad news?” Then you say “Good news” first. Then I’ll say the good things first by my standards.
First of all, the New Master can see the side view well. The car is so low that you can’t see the side’s view, while the New Master is as high as a bus, so it’s perfect to see the good view. Next, I think I run well on the highway. It feels like a car even though it’s big. And it’s good to be able to load a lot of luggage like a camping car. I’ve carried up to four bicycles in a stroller. Lastly, the height of the bus is so high that you can stand and go around freely. It’s really nice.
Then what’s the bad thing? Some people say it’s hard to put in gear because it’s manual (stick), and especially women say it’s hard to handle cars, but I’m okay with the regular type 1. Next is parking. The New Master 15-seater bus is about 5~60cm longer than regular cars, so it’s hard to park on the ground and in underground parking lots of regular apartments. That’s why you have to pay more attention to parking, and it might cost extra money.
This year, he received the 15-seat Renault Samsung New Master bus while ordering it and drove it well for six months. I was supposed to get it after Chuseok, but I didn’t expect it to happen in May, so I had a great trip during the ‘Chakbak era.’
It’s the era of coronavirus. I hope everyone can fly happily and freely like the butterflies in Incheon Butterfly Park. And when it was hard for everyone to meet people, I felt my family’s happiness through the New Master 15-seater bus, and it was great to see the beautiful natural scenery.

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