Evada Judan among the Jongro Hanbok Women’s List

My mom and I are going to Jongro for a hanbok rental because we are about to get married. I decided to pull out a list of places to stop by before I go and book them all the same day.
I’ve searched the Internet and social media a lot, and the place that stands out the most was the Evada Judan. It was a place where I wanted to see for myself because the fancy and luxurious designs caught my eye.

I’ve been to two other places before I got here. It was hard to find a place I liked in terms of design and price. I went to Nevada State on my last schedule, and I thought I’d like to pick something I like here. I went in, and there were quite a few people who came before me. I thought it would have been a disaster if I didn’t make a reservation in advance.
The counselor came out and greeted us with a kind face. Actually, it’s my first time officially hosting Jongro Hanbok Women’s University, so I didn’t know what to do. There were many different kinds of costumes, so I could choose from renting the ones made today to match the clothes that fit me.
The design was so pretty, and I liked it, so I tried it on first, but even though the fit and the line came out well, they said that if I match it, it can make my body look more beautiful, so I decided to customize Hanbok rental.
I was able to choose the fabric. There were so many different colors that it was tough to choose one. But since I’m going to wear it at the wedding, I decided to choose a pastel-tone fabric when my mom told me that it would be better to have a calm and luxurious color than a fancy one.
The fabric itself is high-quality, so it doesn’t irritate your skin even if you touch it for a long time. It looks good when you look at it, but it feels so soft when you touch it.

He explained each fabric’s features and strengths in detail and recommended detailed colors and materials to fit my mood. And you’ve shown me the right things for the budget, considering what I want.
Many people told me that they put in place for the wedding and introduced me to various designs, and I was very thankful that they took care of it like their own business. I expected the amount to be quite high because I made the customized decision, but it was great to borrow the custom loan at a reasonable price of 250,000 won. I was surprised that the price was so good compared to the fabric’s quality and the product. I knew why so many people came here.

After selecting the fabric, we went through the process of size measurement for full-scale fabrication. In addition to the basic measurement, he carefully measured my arms, neck, and neck and tried to make sure that I could carry out the best Hanbok rental.
I told them in advance that it’s stressful to have narrow shoulders than others, and they told me that I’d be able to wear the prettiest outfit at the wedding because it’s designed to complement those complexes as much as possible.

As I tried each color that matches well, I felt that it was definitely different from other places, so I even completed the contract. Also, we decided to host the wedding hanbok for my parents and in-laws. This was also available at a meager cost, starting at 150,000 won, but it wasn’t that poor quality, but it was much better, so both parents were delighted.
They also rent hanbok dresses for free to custom-tailored people. For those of you who are about to take a wedding photo, I think you can use it without having to borrow it for an extra fee. Besides, it was very reasonable for you to pack a pair of basic underpants, shorts, shoes, and bags for free.

I visited there to get a fitting, but it was so good that it was made that I liked it. So far, I’ve been looking everywhere to find out about hanbok, but there was a clear difference in shape and quality. I thought it would look great at a wedding, so I was very moved when I tried it on. The material was of the highest quality, and the clothes were made for me, so I didn’t have any inconvenience in raising my arms or doing big activities. I thought maybe I’d have to wear it for a couple of hours at the wedding and take pictures in various poses, but I didn’t think it would be difficult at all.

The boss has such a good opinion that he’s a craftsman in color. So, I remember you recommended the colors well when you combined the fabric. He’s been giving me a lot of advice on what combination would suit me. I think I could get this satisfactory result, maybe because I trusted it and proceeded with it. I actually wore it, looked at the mirror, and took a picture, and it looked perfect on my face, and I kept thinking that I chose it really well because it complimented my body shape.

It’s a hanbok dress made with care of my husband’s style, height, and face color, so my husband loved it. He said he’s been running a store here for a long time. I think I know why there are so many people who are constantly looking for it. You are an expert, but you have a long experience and know-how, so I could proceed with it with confidence because you provided only high-quality products and satisfied customers.

I posted a picture on social media saying that I’m showing off, and the comments and messages are saying that I’m pretty. Everyone asked me where I did it at the Jongro Hanbok store. I was so satisfied with the clothes I bought, so I’d like to introduce this place to other people.

I’ve also seen a variety of hanboks.


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