How to Introduce Korean Food, Announce Korean Food on British Men’s YouTube Channel, reruns the taste of wife

Personally, I like programs that promote Korean food. I think I have pride in Korean food. For example, Korean food reminds us of bibimbap, braised short ribs, japchae, and kimchi.
What about Korean food from a foreigner’s point of view? They are very curious about the view. I don’t know because it’s something I always eat, but foreigners are very curious about Korean food.
The most favorite foods for foreigners are gimbap and braised short ribs. I read a lot of food blogs, but I also wanted to try them myself.
But what I can’t start with is that I think I’m not ready in time yet because I have the SNS that I’m doing.
However, as the new year has begun, as of January 2019, I will start when I find myself studying for about six months.

If I do both, I’ll be negligent in one thing, so I’ll start when I get a seat. However, rather than just starting then, I think it would be better to look around blogs little by little, and I’m going to write a lot of blog cooking programs and stories about blogs in the future.

Also, I study Korean food from the perspective of foreigners through the YouTube channel. I saw a few this morning. I love the YouTube channel called “British Man.”
I don’t skip the parts that introduce Korean food.
These days, many foreigners come to Korea to eat Korean food because it’s global.
And I sometimes watch a channel called EmilTube. Koreans are Korean, of course, but I think we can appreciate the taste of Korean food that foreigners eat and know what kind of food they like (what kind of taste they are attracted to in Korea) and the strength of our country.
Also, I enjoy watching the YouTube channel run by Mr. Guk Guk-bi, who is Korean but lives in the U.K. and gives me access to Korean food. This channel often makes British food, so there aren’t many Korean food parts, but it still helps.
From now on, I’ll not just look at myself, but I’ll upload it on my blog in a Vlog format. I think that we will help each other. Thank you for reading it.

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