Making tteokbokki with soup using sikhye drink!

Today, I went on a city tour with Boreum and thought about making it at home, but I finally made it after bringing Boreum to eat it.
This laborism is…
In fact, the way to do this with like is because I really want to eat tteokbokki with soup (in fact, I want to put rice in the soup…
I searched for the soup tteokbokki and found a straightforward way to use like.~
I heard that it came out under the name “Dan-tteok-bokki” at Happy Together’s night snack bar. Rather than eating sweet tteok-bokki, I think it’s more like tteok-bokki with a bit of water and more like soup tteok-bokki.

Ingredients: rice cake, fish cake, red pepper paste, red pepper powder, soy sauce, like, minced garlic, green onion, tuna, seaweed

People say we can skip minced garlic. I don’t have green onions, so I just used green onions.
And tuna and laver are ingredients needed to eat rice in tteokbokki soup!
There’s no seaweed in the picture. Everyone else is in the picture except seaweed!

(+) Add!

I tried it again yesterday, and it tasted better with ‘beef kelp!
You don’t have to put it in if you don’t have it, but if you do, try it!

First, soak the rice cake in the sauce.
Pour like over the pot (the rice is usually removed for its original shape, but I’m a foreigner, so I didn’t filter out the tiny things and just put them in).
Add minced garlic and a cup of water! Actually, I poured a little more than a cup.
To save time, I added hot water boiled in a pot of coffee pot!

If you think the water will boil to a certain extent, dissolve the sauce and add the fishcake.~
(For your information, I put a spoon and a spoon of red pepper paste, a spoon and a spoon of red pepper powder, and a spoon and a spoon of soy sauce in that amount!)
Normally, rice cakes usually cook late, so you’ll probably put in rice cakes first, but if you put in the fish cake first, fish cake water will come out like fish cake soup, and it’ll taste not good!

(+) A little bit of change in the yogi, too!LOL

I thought it would be spicy, so I put in a little bit of sauce. Yesterday, I put in the original recipe. I added 2 spoons of red pepper paste, more red pepper powder, and 2 spoons of soy sauce, but it’s not spicy. I put that in with me, and it was much better.
It’s not as spicy as I thought, so if you can’t eat spicy food, you can refer to it and try it!
Oh! And before I put the fishcake in, I slightly blanched it in water.
I’m afraid there’s some bad stuff.
When you’re using fish cakes or canned ham-like spam, it’s good to use after pouring some hot water.~~
You can get rid of any of the bad oil or chemicals on the outside.

And then put in the rice cake!
The rice cake is breaking down like shit…
Trainees can’t make good quality rice cakes.
But I’m just glad you’re here.

If the rice cake and fish cake are cooked to a certain extent, add the green onions.
There was no green onion, so I put it in the green onion, but it’s not that different. It’s okay!

Stir well and mix. Wait until the rice cake and fish cake are fully cooked, and the soup is seasoned well!
It’s soupy tteokbokki. Of course, you can’t scare them all.

Fish cakes and rice cakes look puffy.
But it’s actually because of the heat, and when it cools down, it comes back to its original size and shape.
If you don’t worry and boil it to a fairy level, the soup is more important, so please check the soup!

Actually, it’s my first time making tteokbokki with soup, and I thought it would taste good with like, but I can’t eat spicy food, and I really like sweet things, so I think it really suits my taste!
If you like spicy and salty food, you can adjust the amount of red pepper paste, red pepper powder, and soy sauce to suit your taste. It will be effortless and delicious.

It’s a soupy tteokbokki that I made to eat this, but I can’t help but eat rice because tteokbokki is delicious, right?
Add a moderate amount of Yorocorom rice.
(Use the soup as a ladle and scoop up as much as you want!)^^)
Take a moderate amount of oily tuna on top. Cut the dried seaweed.

Mix it well and eat it deliciously.
I’m not good at eating spicy food, so I made it a little bit sweeter, but if you control the red pepper paste and things like this, it’ll taste perfect on the market!
I really missed this taste, and I was so happy.
Tteokbokki soup is a bit spicy and sweet, and the savory taste of tuna and dried seaweed is so delicious!
Thanks to you, my stomach is full today…
I realized when I talked to my roommates that starting tomorrow, dieting is common all over the world.
Follow the trend. Ladies and Gentlemen!

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