Introducing Korean food to a friend of Oman Muscat restaurant

Today, at the invitation of my second son’s friend Sehee’s family, I decided to have lunch with my classmate Daniel’s family.
We had a meal outside, and we decided to go home and have a cup of tea.
We’re going to eat at the guest house in Muscat.
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There are four guesthouses in Muscat An, Oman.
Bomnurine guesthouse
Chief Park’s guesthouse
Choice Guest House
Korean (Hayulne) Guest House

Since there is no place to eat Korean food here, we stay at the guest house and have a restaurant.
In Korea, people who come out alone without family members work here and live for long periods of time.
Sometimes when I want to get away from home-cooked meals, eat out, and want to have a table for others, I visit the guest house.
But I don’t think I have it often because I’m a housewife.
I haven’t been to all the guest houses, but only Chief Park and Hayoul’s.
According to the residents here, all four of them are excellent at cooking.
Bomnuri’s guesthouse is the oldest globally, and you have recognized your wife’s cooking skills.
ChoiceGuest Haus has a great view of the sea and is pretty and clean and good at cooking.
Chief Park’s guesthouse I’ve been to is a place where I can feel your humanity.
He always gives me plenty of money without saving me a lot.
It’s also delicious. They always overeat.
The Korean guest house, Hayoul’s, is a sweltering guest house that opened this year.
You keep calling me “Hayul” because I have a sweetie, Haul.
First of all, your wife was a researcher at Korean food, so the taste is guaranteed.
You are the youngest couple in your guesthouse, so you have a lot of passion and good sense.

Today, I went to Hayul’s house with my foreign family.
To introduce Korean food to his family and show the taste, the main menu was jajangmyeon. I was worried if foreigners would like black noodles, but we thought of jajangmyeon after a long time, so we had a great time.
A little you.
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I thought the only jajangmyeon would come out, but I couldn’t taste the Korean fried chicken with kimchi pancake and samgyeopsal.
Why doesn’t it taste like this when I do the same thing at home?

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