Touring Gyeonggi-do Lake Park in Ilsan and Garosu-gil

Ilsan Lake Park, an artificial lake 1996) has become a new attraction in Goyang City and is not only spotlighted as a new resting place for citizens in the Seoul metropolitan area, but it is also used as a scenic area around the lake and various recreational places. Like the Seoul Forest, it has numerous trees, grass square and waterfront square, an artificial island and herb island, natural learning center, octagonal pavilion (Wolpajeong), outdoor stage, boatyard, bicycle-only road, outdoor botanical garden, children’s playground, artificial waterfall, and multi-purpose playground.
The park is divided into two parts by the Dalmaji Island boundary, which floats in the middle of the lake. There is not only a dead fountain (10 meters or more) in the middle of the park, but also a skateboard or rollerblading club competition takes place at Hanul Square in the center of the park.

-Naver’s Knowledge Encyclopedia-

Ilsan Lake Park is a symbol of Goyang City, ‘the city of flowers and lakes.’ Especially at sunset, the nightly park is decorated with the lake’s sunset and beautiful lighting. The singing fountain north of the lake park is popular as a dating course for family and lovers. By the way, did you know that there is a street called Ilsan Garosu-Gil?
I thought it was a walkway because it was called Ilsan Garosu-Gil, but I built a restaurant and cafe road with the scenery of Santorini, Greece, next to Ilsan Lake Park (2017~). The shops are not fully occupied yet, but they are beautifully decorated as if they were in Santorini.
Originally, I started my trip early, and if I had time, I wanted to ride my bike with my children at Ilsan Lake Park, but I finished my trip by just having a meal because the night was already deep was so hungry. Hongdae S&Sha on the second floor with a Santorini vibe. We had a set menu at the Garosu-Gil branch in Ilsan. Above all, I am happy that my daughter and children like it.

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