Cheongnamdae, a villa of Blue House a trip to Chungcheong Province

Cheongnamdae, Cheong Wa Dae’s villa, is a presidential villa (about 550,000 pyeong) built near Daecheong Dam in Cheongju, North Chungcheong Province, and is called Cheong Wa Dae in the south. It was built during the Fifth Republic and was used as the President of the Republic of Korea (2003 Open. Cheongnamdae, which runs through the 100th line of Korean tourism, has a golf course, a shade house, a heliport, a fish farm, a five-gakjeong Pavilion, and a thatched house.

-Naver’s Knowledge Encyclopedia-

One day, I tried to come here while traveling to Daecheong Dam, but I couldn’t visit because I thought I had a reservation in advance, but I made a reservation as soon as the Korona virus alert was lifted. However, it took four hours for the fall foliage season to begin, even though it is a short distance from Seoul and Gyeonggi Province. Of course, it includes heat checks and long waiting times for cars to enter.
Above all, the street to Cheongnamdae is very nice. It’s not a long-distance, but it’s a fantastic path. Above all, Cheongnamdae’s outdoor road is fantastic because it is a presidential villa. Above all, I think I can see a little bit of how the presidents lived their lives in a beautiful space along Daecheong Lake.
Renault Samsung’s New Master made the schedule easier because he could park in the bus parking lot. After seeing the past presidents’ achievements at the annex, I walked along the presidential road along the outdoor provisional government memorial park. I took a walk while watching outdoor performances, chrysanthemum exhibition halls in front of the main building, and fish farms.
On a really cloudless clear autumn day, the autumn foliage seemed a little less filling, but the scenery of rivers spreading white in the midday sun and leaves yellow and red was something I had never seen before. Moreover, it was imposing to see some of the historical and modern histories.
Despite the chilly wind, the youngest Chae-eun sleeps well on my back, and the other granddaughter walks too well on the long walk. Guys, are you hungry? Your legs hurt. Aren’t we going to dance? Let’s eat some warm cup noodles!

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