Gyeonggi-do Travel The Landscape of Waterfront Park in Toegyewon-eup, Namyangju

Toegyewon-up, where my family lives, is the smallest town in the country, and Byeolnae-myeon, Guri-si, Jingeon-up, and Jinjeop-up are encountered. It started with Toegyewon Branch (1966) in Byeolnae-myeon and was promoted to Toegyewon-myeon (1989), and was promoted to Toegyewon-up (2019, Dojewon/down) or Towon//won (toewon/院won).
It’s been almost 20 years since I came to Toegyewon. Go to Seoul for work, go to church. As I see, I don’t know anyone here in Toegyewon, but there are people I met at Seocho Love Church attic. However, this year, we had an attic meeting at Toegyewon Waterfront Park this week, although we didn’t often meet due to the coronavirus.
Do you know Toegyewon Waterfront Park? It’s a riverside in front of Toegyewon Hyundai Hill State Apartment, and I’ve lived in Toegyewon for quite a while, and I didn’t know it was this cool. I sometimes ride my bike back and forth to Misa-RI, Hanam, where my daughter lives, and the Toegyewon Waterfront Park I saw by chance looked unusually beautiful. So today, I built the children’s world through the family attic at Toegyewon Waterfront Park.
In the clear, cool autumn sky with no clouds, toegyewon Waterfront Park saw people riding bicycles from Toegyewon to copper, and parents who came out to walk and exercise with their children. We also set up a shade tent along the river. And in Gaecheon, where there are stone bridges, we caught a pedigree and meat, rode bicycles and inline, exercised, and shared and ate the food we packed from home.
I really didn’t know my neighborhood was this good. Meeting at Misari Rowing Stadium in Hanam and at Jamsil Han River Park, I was able to see other people’s eyes, but I’m so happy to play freely with my children in my neighborhood. If I have a chance, I think it would be good to come with my family and someone close to me.

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