Scenery of the German Village in the South Sea

There are many beautiful European countries, but Germany seems less beautiful because of World War II and Hitler’s image. But after traveling to Germany, it is wonderful as open Europe. There is Namhae German village in Korea where a beautiful sea and a pretty orange roof are impressive.
You all know what Namhae German Village (2001) looks like, right? It is a village where Korean-Americans, who were dispatched as nurses and miners in Germany (1960s), lived well in their hometowns. After that, the villagers joined forces to promote German culture and art based on their experiences living in Germany.
There are also many special cultural spaces around Namhae German Village. The horticultural art village, Haeoreum Art Village, Butterfly Ecology Hall, and Wind Traces Art Museum are in beautiful harmony with the blue sea.
Above all, Namhae German Village offers German sausage and various traditional dishes and learning German culture naturally. And take a drive from Mulmi Coastal Road to Darangi Village, the most beautiful coastal drive course on the south coast.
-Naver’s Knowledge Encyclopedia-

With the sunset just around the corner, I arrived at the German Village Plaza in Namhae. Still, holiday tourists and vehicles were crowded. We looked down at the German-style houses and the sea from the German village observatory, took pictures in the photo zone, and then just brushed past the Paddock exhibition hall and souvenir shop. And when we came down to the village, there were countless cafes and restaurants lined up, and we took a bite of the German-style sausages.
Today, due to bicycle riding between my granddaughter and Gumi-Sangju in the morning, Namhae German village’s schedule has been minimized. The German village in Namhae was different from what it had been a long time ago. It’s a shame that we can’t see the horticultural art village, Haeoreum art village, butterfly ecology hall, wind trail art museum, and so on. Also, I’ll have to wait and see the scenery of Dharangi Village on the way to Dharangi Village and the American Village I saw on my way to Dharangi Village, so I’ll have to look forward to the future.

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