Trip to Seoul (1 night 2 days)

I plan a trip other than camping with my family. My eldest son said he wanted to go to the palace, so I planned to go to Seoul. All the schedules have been arranged in a hurry. And on the way, I wondered why it was so late, and it was the weekend and Halloween…
It’s not a Halloween house, so I don’t even know…
Anyway, on the first day, it’s the first-day #Lotte World Tower (Seoul Sky) – #Ramada Hotel & Sweet Seoul Namdaemun 2nd day #Gwanghwamun Plaza – #Seoul City Hall – #Gyeongbok Palace – Comeback Home Schedule. I’ve decided on a big one, but I haven’t decided on a good restaurant for dinner and lunch in detail. I wish I could’ve searched a little bit. We’re leaving on Friday, so we’re backed up. The original plan was to eat at Sky Food 31 Avenue in the Lotte World Tower building, but due to Corona19, it will not be opened. I ate budae jjigae at Odeng restaurant. We started our first meal of the trip with budae jjigae. It was a bummer, but we enjoyed it. My family eats whatever they give me.
I bought the Lotte World Tower after searching for it in Secondhand Country. You sent me a mobile ticket on the same day. I was a little nervous because it had a person’s name on it, but I passed without saying anything at the entrance.

The outdoor terrace was locked, so I was unfortunate. When I went to Taiwan’s 101 Tower, the night view from the outside was so beautiful, and it was a pity that I had to see Seoul’s night view through the glass. The 101 Tower also had a memorial to hold the building’s sway, but Seoul Sky didn’t have such a part, so it was a pity.
But the night view of Seoul was so beautiful. At Jamsil Baseball Stadium, professional baseball games were in full swing. When I came out of the building and took pictures, I realized the existence of a shared electric kickboard. I would ride the Ttareungi, but I’m going to put the beam on the list.
I made a reservation at Timon for about 130,000 won, including Ramada Hotel and Suite Seoul Namdaemun Family Breakfast. The price was pretty good. There are four beds. I couldn’t leave a proper picture because my family unpacked everything while I checked in, sent my family up first, and went to the convenience store. Except for the bathroom, I’m quite satisfied. The bathroom felt a little old. Please take note of the fact that I couldn’t take a picture in a neat condition.
I wanted to buy a bear ticket at a convenience store in Seoul, but there’s a horse sign. It tastes good. I don’t know when I’ll be able to eat bears.

It’s a hotel breakfast restaurant. It’s on the 24th floor. The outdoor terrace is Namsan View.^^; After breakfast, I think I’ll be fine with a cup of coffee. Because of the kids, we really… Just the pictures.

After breakfast, I parked at the #Sejongno Public Parking Lot next to Gwanghwamun Square.
I walked out and walked through Gwanghwamun Square. As I walked, I could see Cheonggyecheon Stream, City Hall, and Deoksugung Palace. Originally, I was only going to see Gwanghwamun Square and Gyeongbokgung Palace.
If we plan again, it would be good to come to Sejong-ro and rent a Ttareung or beam and go to Deoksugung Palace. I was thinking of Ttareungi, but I was putting it off because it’s my first time. One way is fine to walk with children, but the round trip was a little too much for adults.

Let’s take a picture of a small statue on the roof. It was amazing that they were from the West. The palace would be more visible if you studied before you went to see it, but it was a pity that you didn’t study.

I ate waffles at the Rieze waffle next to Deoksugung Palace as a snack. It’s as delicious as it’s famous. It’s hard to make waffles taste bad. For lunch, I ate pork cutlets and squid over rice on the Stonewall Walkway. The pork cutlet was delicious, but the squid over rice was spicy to our taste.

I saw the changing ceremony of Deoksugung Palace’s gatekeeper, watched Deoksugung Palace, and went out to lunch at the pork cutlet house next to it, and went out to see the library of the old City Hall building. If it weren’t for Corona 19, I would have rested in the library, read books, charged energy, and moved, but because of Corona 19, there seemed to be no room for reading except for loans.
Now let’s rent the Ttareungi, leaving the regret behind. Unfortunately, the second-year-old couldn’t ride his bike because of his height. Later, I found out that there were many restrictions on electric kickboards. I wish there were a bike that even elementary school students can ride. I hope you can solve the helmet problem as well. In foreign countries, they also have helmets on shared electric kickboards.
Gyeongbokgung Palace was the main building, but they were all exhausted, so they went around taking pictures. But I think I’ve seen everything.

The ticket was faster on the unmanned ticket machine. The Gyeongbok Palace parking lot is not open yet. Check it out and park. Gyeongbokgung Palace in autumn was so beautiful.

Feeling autumn in front of the National Folk Museum, I took a sweet break, and now I like my house better than the palace.
The original schedule was changed a bit, but it was a pleasant trip to Seoul.

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